Buying | Investor's Guide to Properties for Sale in Mauritius

Properties for Sale in Mauritius

The Mauritian government's enticing tax incentives, such as the Integrated Resort Scheme (IRS), Property Development Scheme (PDS), Invest Hotel Scheme (IHS), and Real Estate Scheme (RES), make it an attractive prospect for foreign investors. But with such a diverse portfolio of properties for sale in Mauritius, choosing the right investment can be overwhelming.

Investor's Lens: Navigating Investment Opportunities Across Regions

From the bustling North to the serene South, each region offers unique opportunities and challenges. But which area is best for you?

North ‒ Grand Bay

If you're looking for a lively atmosphere, well-developed infrastructure, and tax benefits for rental income, Grand Bay in the North might be your go-to.

  • Highly developed area.
  • Stunning beaches.
  • Abundant shopping and healthcare facilities.
  • Elevated property prices due to high demand.
  • Potential for overcrowding, particularly during tourist seasons.

Best Suited For: Investors seeking a vibrant locale with solid potential for rental income.

West ‒ Black River/Tamarin Area

For those who prefer a more peaceful environment but still want modern amenities, the West offers a structured growth pattern and tax incentives for long-term investment.

  • Rising development.
  • Structured growth due to geographical constraints.
  • Diverse options for education, healthcare, and shopping.
  • Limited by its mountainous terrain.
  • This may necessitate a higher initial investment for undeveloped plots.

Best Suited For: Those who value a more tranquil, organised setting and are open to long-term investment.

East & Northeast

Compared to the skyrocketing property prices in areas like Grand Bay and Black River, the East and Northeast offer more budget-friendly options, making it easier for investors to enter the market and potentially enjoy higher long-term gains.

  • Secluded and peaceful.
  • More affordable property prices.
  • Less developed infrastructure.
  • Limited amenities.

Best Suited For: Investors looking for budget-friendly property investment options who are willing to contribute to future development.

South ‒ Bel Ombre

If you're drawn to distinctive properties such as Luxury Villas and prefer a quieter setting, the South could be your ideal investment locale, complete with tax incentives for heritage real estate.

  • Features unique luxury villas and heritage properties.
  • Less populated.
  • Fewer amenities compared to the North and West.
  • Still in the development phase.

Best Suited For: For investors seeking a long-term hold or second home that offers both tranquillity and elegance, the South could be the ideal match for your lifestyle and investment goals.

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