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The most accessible investment!
Real estate investments for foreigners have long been limited to high-end properties in specific development programs.

The possibility of buying an apartment located in a two-storey building, outside of a specific IRS, RES or PDS program, existed but was limited to foreigners with a work permit and only to the extent that they resided there.

However, since December 2016, the Mauritian government has extended the conditions for the purchase of these apartments to all foreigners, with even the possibility of buying several to make rental investments.
The only constraints therefore concern the type of property, i.e. an apartment located in a two-storey or more condominium building, with a minimum value of Rs 6,000,000 (approximately €135,000). It should be noted that since 2021 the purchase of an apartment worth more than 375,000 USD, makes the buyer eligible for a residence permit, as with other real estate investment programs reserved for foreigners.

These conditions make these types of apartments the easiest properties to access for foreigners who wish to invest in Mauritius.