Interviews | Interview of Jessica Vallet, Sales & Marketing Manager at Red4

Interview - Jessica Vallet, Sales & Marketing Manager Red4

1. Hello Jessica! Could you introduce Red4 in a few words?

Red4 ( has been in existence for almost 14 years (since 2010) and has completed over fifteen residential developments exclusively.
We specialize in high-end projects for which we choose exceptional locations (beachfront, sea view, surrounded by nature), guiding our clients through the entire sales process to ensure a smooth experience.
Currently, we are developing projects available for sale to both Mauritians and foreigners.

2. You are currently marketing three different projects. Is the demand high at the moment?

Currently, we are marketing these three projects:

  1. Saint Antoine Private Residence – PDS
  2. Located in the North of the island, at St Antoine.
    We still have some apartments from Phase 2 available, as well as building plots.

  3. Le Marais Gat – Ground + 2
  4. Located in Tamarin, at the foot of La Tourelle.
    Apartments and penthouses available.
    Under construction – delivery mid-2025.

  5. Fortier Plage – Ground + 2
  6. Located at Ilot Fortier, Rivière Noire.
    Apartments and penthouses available.

The client demand is still there. More and more Mauritians and foreigners are investing in real estate, which remains a secure value and offers some the opportunity to live in Mauritius.

However, the profile of foreign buyers has changed. Our clientele belongs to the "medium income group," which has likely been the most affected in recent years (with various health, economic, and geopolitical crises).

3. What is the main clientele of Red4?

We have a diverse clientele, including Mauritians looking to invest in quality real estate products and foreigners seeking a residence in Mauritius. We carefully choose exceptional locations connected to essential services (healthcare, schools, shops) and close to the beach, with sea views that match our clients' demands.

4. You are currently marketing the Saint Antoine Private Residence project with its 100 apartments and 17 buildable plots. Is it successful?

We are satisfied with the progress made on this project.
To date, we have constructed and sold 65 units (apartments and penthouses) in St Antoine. We have also completed all the infrastructure, including roads, parking, technical spaces, reception, Club House, pools, and a boat parking area. We have planned an additional phase where we will offer 28 apartments and 7 penthouses for sale, with sales set to commence in 2024.

As for the plots, 8 out of the 14 we offered for sale are already reserved. These plots are naturally subject to specific guidelines to ensure that the future villas are in harmony with the overall project.
Infrastructure works are now completed, and we are moving forward with the signing of sales contracts.

5. With high-end features and prices, isn't the foreign clientele the primary target?

We must remain competitive first and foremost!
Indeed, with all the possibilities like PDS (Property Development Scheme, G+2, etc.), allowing foreigners to purchase property in Mauritius today, we are witnessing a rise in prices. This is often due to the costs associated with the various guarantees and insurances required for off-plan sales.
Nevertheless, we notice several Mauritian buyers in these projects because they are often good investments.

6. A few hundred meters from Ambre Island and Bernache Islet, its exceptional location is characteristic of Red4's development DNA?

We make it a point to propose projects in locations surrounded by nature to highlight the beauty of our island.
Red4 has undertaken many beachfront developments and has good knowledge of this market.
However, we have also undertaken projects inland, such as Efolia in Moka (surrounded by centuries-old trees) or Le Marais' Gat in Tamarin, at the foot of the famous La Tourelle mountain.

7. What would you say to those who find it unfortunate to concrete previously preserved sites?

Real estate development, in our opinion, is inevitable.
However, we are constantly thinking about how to do it better: by preserving existing nature, finding ecological solutions in construction so that our projects are as integrated as possible into their environment.
It remains a challenge because these sustainable solutions inevitably have an impact on construction costs. With every new project we work on, we prioritize the implementation of new environmentally friendly techniques in our discussions.

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