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Pinpoint Business Park
A one-stop shop for interior and exterior design

In the heart of Calebasses, on a sprawling 3.9-acre site, Pinpoint Business Park has emerged as a beacon of distinction since its inception in 2023. This curated park hosts approximately 20 distinguished companies, each specializing in interior and exterior design for both residential and corporate spaces. Collectively, they form a distinguished group, serving as a one-stop-shop for construction, renovation, and decoration professionals.

On November 9th, the business park hosted an exclusive gathering tailored for clients and professionals specializing in construction, renovation, and interior design. The primary aim was to explore the latest trends and reveal new showrooms, solidifying its distinct identity as a comprehensive one-stop destination for all design needs. The site hosts brands such as Adapro, Alu Systèmes, Brinks, Casamoi, Cemtech, Deco Designm, Deco Soleil, Dogitech, Entrepôt de la Pierre, Euphoria, Fralain, Maxbram, Metalite, Raymark, SEE, Streamlight, Yuni, as well as the collaborative showroom PinpPoint Connect, representing more than 25 complementary service providers.

The creation of Pinpoint stems from an innovative concept in Mauritius. This business park brings together, in a single location, leading companies in interior and exterior home design. It has been designed to accommodate professionals such as decorators and architects, as well as private individuals embarking on the construction or renovation of their home. When they visit Pinpoint, they'll find everything they need, hence saving a considerable amount of time," explains Jean-François Leclézio, one of the promoters of this business park.

We are strategically located at the intersection of two motorways, namely Terre-Rouge-Verdun and the M2 motorway. Moving to Pinpoint is a forward-looking investment. Thanks to its activities and those of its tenants, the park will greatly enhance the companies' visibility. Everything has been done to offer them a conducive environment to develop their activities. Above all, the idea is to encourage synergies and partnerships, and in so doing create a dynamic ecosystem. As developers, we're in this for the long haul," says Kevin and Bryce Bauwens, promoters of the business park.

The business park presently provides an extensive range of products and services, addressing both indoor and outdoor needs. From flooring solutions and furnishings catering to indoor requirements, to fencing and security solutions for exterior needs, the offerings are diverse and comprehensive. Moreover, a public-access restaurant is conveniently situated within the premises, enriching the overall experience for visitors and occupants alike.

Pinpoint Business Park in figures

  • 3.9 acres
  • 12 buildings
  • 265 parking slots (45 for visitors)
  • Showroom and offices space from 50 to 1,000 m2

Tenants :

Adapro Alu Systèmes
Brinks Casamoi
Cemtech Deco Design
Deco Soleil Dogitech
Entrepôt de la Pierre Euphoria
Fralain Maxbram
Metalite Pinpoint Connect
Raymark SEE
Streamlight Yuni

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