Infos | Acquisition of residential property by a non-citizen

Acquisition of residential property by a non-citizen
Mauritius Opens Doors to Foreign Property Ownership with New Guidelines

The Mauritius Economic Development Board has published new guidelines enabling foreigners to buy land and property in the country, under the Non-Citizens (Property Restriction) Act. Aimed at attracting global citizens, the guidelines stipulate that non-citizens can acquire residential properties provided the purchase price is at least USD 500,000.

The initiative opens up a range of residential properties for foreign ownership, although certain restrictions apply, such as exclusions on properties on State land or exceeding specific sizes. Applicants are required to submit comprehensive documentation to demonstrate financial capability and comply with the local laws and regulations. This move is expected to boost Mauritius's appeal as a prime destination for international investors and property buyers looking for luxury and paradise.

Acquisition of residential property

Acquiring residential real estate property for a minimum of USD 500,000 by a non-citizen holding a residence / occupation permit.

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