Buying | Why Mauritius is the Ideal Destination to Buy Beachfront Property

Beachfront property in Mauritius
If you’re looking to purchase a coastal holiday home, you have plenty of exciting international destinations to choose from. So why choose Mauritius?

This island in the middle of the Indian Ocean has so much more to offer than you may have originally anticipated. Upon doing a little research, you’ll soon see why people all over the world are keen on buying beachfront property in Mauritius.
Whether you want to purchase a home used exclusively for family holidays or an investment property on the coast, this article will shed light on why Mauritius is a great choice!

Watersports at Your Fingertips

Watersports enthusiasts are spoilt for choice when living in a beachfront property in Mauritius. You could try canoeing, kayaking, surfing, snorkelling, scuba diving, sailing, and so much more! Even if you do not consider yourself to be very adventurous, the local beaches are also perfect for sunbathing and swimming.

A Variety of Beachfront Properties to Choose From

Whether you are interested in a luxury penthouse, a compact apartment, or a sprawling villa, there is a beachfront property in Mauritius to suit your preferences. Properties come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, truly offering the ideal property for every buyer.

Watch Dolphins from Your Bedroom Window.

There is nothing better than waking up to a pod of dolphins playing in the waves. Mauritius is home to bottlenose dolphins and spinner dolphins, both of which are often spotted along the island’s west coast. You also have the chance to see sperm whales, pilot whales, and even humpbacks (during their migration season).

Amazing Weather

Mauritius offers a mild tropical climate, with hot, humid summers, and mild winters. Basically, you’ll enjoy perfect beach weather throughout the year. February is the wettest month, but it is still very sunny. In addition to the wonderful weather, you’ll also enjoy warm water temperatures all year round.

Relatively Affordable

While beachfront properties are always going to be slightly more expensive than those you would find inland, Mauritius offers beachfront properties at relatively affordable prices. If you keep your eye on the market, you can easily score yourself a great deal.
Construction services in Mauritius are also seen as affordable when compared to the rest of the world.

Plenty of Beautiful Locations to Choose From

Mauritius may be a relatively small island, but you’ll find that the coast is filled with amazing destinations. From secluded beaches to bustling coastal cities, your choice of where to buy is endless. Some of the most popular locations to purchase beachfront property in Mauritius include:

  • Port Louis
  • Riviere du Rempart
  • Black River
  • Tamarin
  • Grand Gaube

Consider visiting the island and taking in the different spots in-person before making your choice. Different areas will be better suited to different hobbies and personalities.

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