Interviews | Laurent Tyack Discusses Real Estate Trends and Launching TYACK Properties

Interview - Laurent Tyack – Director, Tyack Properties

1. Hello Laurent. Having been in the real estate sector for several years, you have seen the Mauritian market evolve. What would be your assessment of the situation now as you launch your own agency?

The real estate market really took off in 2005 with continuous opening to foreign markets. After a period of steady progress, I think COVID has somewhat shaken up the market.

Indeed, we have experienced a significant increase in the prices of materials at the same time as a new labour problem emerged. The prices of properties on plan have dramatically increased, and projects under construction have faced considerable delays.

One consequence has been a real decrease in interest for properties on plan, with both local and foreign clients thinking twice before investing in a development whose construction had not started.

2. What is your vision for this new agency?

Above all, we want to support our clients so they can find the property of their dreams, whether to purchase for living or for investment, or for long-term rental.
Our goal is not only to conclude a sale or a rental agreement, but to establish a lasting trust relationship.

3. Why start a new agency in an already crowded sector?

We believe that an already well-established market, whatever it may be, can always welcome professionals who wish to add value.
At TYACK Properties, we believe it is important to offer products and projects that meet demand, to be a reliable and essential real estate partner, and to provide local service.

4. What will be your strengths against all the others?

We share a modern vision of real estate, prioritizing an approach that goes beyond sales, rentals, or acquisitions.
Our goal is not only to succeed in a transaction, but also and especially to establish a relationship with our clients that will encourage them to consult us for a future real estate project and also to recommend us to their acquaintances.
We ensure that each client receives tailor-made service and a unique experience. This philosophy is reflected by exclusive support at every step of the process, from the first visit to the final signing.

5. Inequalities are deepening and renting decent housing is becoming increasingly difficult for a large part of the population. What is the cause and what should we do?

This is an undeniable fact and as already mentioned, it is mainly due to an increase in the cost of living, to which the COVID period is certainly not foreign.
Unfortunately, this reality forces us to rethink and reorganize our lives. In terms of housing, many will be forced to downscale their projects according to their means. And this is precisely where our role is important in helping our clients consider all these constraints and to offer them projects that suit them.

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