Interviews | Exclusive Interview with Elodie Rey: Inside Azuri's Amara Luxury Golf Villas

Interview - Elodie Rey, Sales Manager at Azuri

1. Hello Elodie, Azuri is launching the Amara Luxury Golf Villas project. What does it entail?

The Amara Golf Villas project involves the construction of luxury villas located at the heart of the magnificent The Nine golf course of Azuri, on the northeast coast of Mauritius. These villas are designed to offer a high-quality living environment, harmoniously balancing comfort, luxury, and tropical serenity. Azuri is not just offering a place to live, but a true experience. From the yacht club to the golf course The Nine and the Radisson Blu hotel, each element has been carefully thought out to fulfill the residents' desires.
Whether you are a water sports enthusiast, a golf aficionado, or simply seeking relaxation in the village's restaurants and shops, Azuri meets all your needs. Imagine living each day in a haven of peace where the gentle way of life is the order of the day. At Azuri, this vision becomes reality. Here, in the heart of the village, life finds its rhythm: outdoor events, lively markets, neighborhood evenings. A kaleidoscope of activities that strengthens community bonds and creates unforgettable memories.

2. What are the unique features that distinguish the villas of the Amara project in the Mauritian real estate market?

The villas of the Amara project stand out with their refined and sophisticated design, inspired by the tropical elegance of Azuri. They offer a perfect combination of contemporary grace and island serenity, while integrating elements of environmental sustainability. Three distinct styles of villas have been designed to cater to the varied preferences of buyers, each offering a unique balance between modernity and island prestige.
Amara Golf Villas is much more than just a real estate project; it is an invitation to seize exceptional opportunities. Whether you are looking for a lucrative investment, a second home, or a permanent place to live, Azuri offers a myriad of options to meet all needs and desires. Don't miss this chance to be part of this privileged community, where luxury, comfort, and natural beauty combine to provide an incomparable quality of life.

3. What amenities and recreational facilities will be available to the residents of Amara?

Residents of Amara will have access to a range of high-end amenities and recreational facilities at the heart of the Azuri village. Since its establishment ten years ago on a vast estate on the northeast coast of Mauritius, Azuri has transformed into a dynamic community.
This unique destination, combining golf and ocean, defines what it means to truly live in a progressive and multicultural urban beach destination. Foreigners can acquire splendid contemporary apartments, penthouses, and villas built on prime land and access a whole range of amenities: a signature 9-hole golf course, a beach, a café, restaurants, a delicatessen, a spa, a swimming pool, a fitness club, a tennis club and academy, a yacht club, archery, the Radisson Blu hotel, as well as real estate and land management services. The acquisition of a residence comes with a transferable golf membership.

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4. What are the specific challenges that real estate developers like Azuri face in the current context of Mauritius?

Real estate developers must constantly evolve to meet the changing needs and expectations of clients. This may involve adapting designs and features of properties, as well as providing additional services and amenities to enhance the residential experience. With the growing appeal of Mauritius as a residential and tourist destination, developers face increasing demand for luxury properties. To maintain the quality and luxury reputation associated with their projects, real estate developers must ensure that construction standards are met. This may require investments in high-quality materials, advanced construction techniques, and careful supervision of the work.
Moreover, Mauritius is renowned for its natural beauty and biodiversity. Real estate developers like Azuri must therefore be careful to preserve the natural environment while developing new projects. This involves conservation measures for sensitive areas, waste management, and the use of sustainable construction practices. It is with all these parameters in mind that the Amara Golf Villas project was designed.

5. How does the Amara project take into account environmental and sustainability concerns in its design and implementation?

The Amara project integrates elements of environmental sustainability in its design and implementation, including the use of high-quality materials, maximizing the use of natural light, and creating landscaped gardens to promote biodiversity. Moreover, the villas are designed to minimize their impact on the environment and offer a nature-friendly lifestyle. Ecosystems represent both a significant challenge and a major asset for Azuri, as the growing demand for a lifestyle in harmony with nature becomes a priority for many people. Our coastal location offers a unique opportunity to create this essential link, and thanks to careful planning and innovative thinking in our development processes, we are able to capitalize on our position while minimizing our negative impact.