Infos | Key Steps to Obtain a Building Permit and Comply with Regulations

Key Steps in Home Construction: Permits and Regulations
Building your dream home starts with understanding and navigating the essential legal requirements and permits. Here's a breakdown of the critical steps involved:
Securing a Building Permit

Before commencing any construction work, it is mandatory to obtain a Building and Land Use Permit (BLUP) from the local Municipality or District Council, depending on your region. This permit ensures your project adheres to local building codes and regulations.

Steps to Obtain the Permit

Fill out the BLP 1 Form: This form is required for all residential projects that do not exceed four levels (ground floor plus three stories).
Gather Necessary Documents:
Clearance certificates from the Central Water Authority (CWA), Wastewater Management Authority (WMA), and Central Electricity Board (CEB).
Three sets of plans from architects or engineers (or draftsmen if the area is less than 150m²).
A completed and signed BLP 1 form.
Copies of the applicant's identity card, land contract, survey report, and topographic plan (if the land is sloped and has a substructure).
The three permits from CWA, WMA, and CEB.

Where to Find Forms

Forms are available online on the website of the Ministry of Local Government and the websites of all Municipalities and District Councils.

Application Process

Submit the application with all required documents to the Municipality or District Council.
Pay the necessary fees within 14 days following the permit approval.

Additional Considerations

Respecting Neighbouring Boundaries: All constructions must adhere to regional authority limits (Municipality or District Council). If the construction encroaches on a neighbour’s boundary, written consent from the neighbour is required.
Land Ownership: If the applicant does not own the land, legal authorization from the landowner is essential.

Understanding these steps and ensuring all paperwork is complete and accurate can significantly streamline the permit approval process, setting a solid foundation for your construction project.

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