Interviews | Interview with Thierry Cerdor of Future Bright Properties

Interview - Thierry Cerdor, Future Bright Properties

1. Hello Thierry. Since 2011, you and your wife Juliana have been running the agency Future Bright Properties. How have you seen the real estate market evolve over the past 13 years?

Over the past decade, my wife Juliana and I have witnessed significant changes in the real estate market. When we started, the landscape was very different: prices were lower, the market was more localized, and foreign investment had minimal influence. However, we have seen a significant rise in prices and an influx of international buyers, transforming the market dynamics.

The COVID-19 pandemic initially slowed things down, but the post-pandemic period marked a record level of activity and growth. Additionally, the popularity of platforms like Airbnb has added a new dimension to real estate investments, with almost every listing now having short-term rental potential.

These changes have forced us to continually adapt our strategies and adopt new ways of doing business. Despite the challenges, we have managed to thrive by staying flexible and responsive to market changes.

2. Unlike most large agencies, you seem more focused on Mauritians and the local market. Is that true?

It's quite funny that you mention this. This sentiment has always been at the heart of our values.
At the beginning of our real estate journey, our market was primarily focused on local clients, which was the foundation of our efforts. Witnessing and playing a role in one of the most crucial moments in our clients' lives—acquiring their first home, land, and more—has been truly rewarding.
We have since evolved to meet the demands of the modern real estate landscape in Mauritius, and Future Bright now extends its services to both local and international markets. Despite this essential expansion, we cherish the local market, which has played a vital role in transforming Future Bright into the esteemed entity it is today.

3. Today, finding a decent home for less than Rs 20,000 a month is almost impossible. What would be your advice to all families earning less than Rs 30,000 a month?

Certainly! It seems that the rental market has undergone significant changes over the past decade, making it more challenging for many families to find affordable housing. Factors such as rising costs, inflation, and the trend of landlords renting out for short stays have contributed to this challenge. The scarcity of available properties and higher rental prices further exacerbate the situation. However, you can take certain steps to increase your chances of success:

  • Determine your budget: Carefully examine your finances to understand how much you can afford to spend on rent each month. Experts often recommend not spending more than 30% of your gross monthly income on housing.
  • Check listings: To maximize your chances of finding a property within your budget, I recommend diversifying your search sources. Visit real estate websites, contact local agencies, explore listings on Facebook Marketplace, and check newspaper ads. Combining these different approaches will increase your chances of finding the ideal property while staying within your budget.
  • Be flexible: Consider a range of housing options, including smaller apartments, different neighborhoods, or properties that may need minor repairs. Being flexible can help you find a rental that fits your budget.
  • Create a strong rental application: When applying for a rental, emphasize your reliability as a tenant. Provide references, proof of income, and a solid rental history if possible. A strong application can help landlords see you as a trustworthy tenant, even with a lower income.

Remember that finding affordable housing can take time and perseverance, but with the right approach, you can find a rental that meets your needs and budget.

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4. Those with incomes too high for government aid and programs but too low for bank loans find themselves at an impasse when considering purchasing a property. What would be your advice to help them?

Buying a home on a limited income can be challenging but is entirely possible with proper planning. Here are some tips to make homeownership more achievable with a limited income:

  • Consult a real estate agency: At Future Bright Properties, we provide guidance on home buying and can help you find solutions for your real estate needs. Regardless of your budget, with our experience and knowledge, we are here to help you find the property that will make you happy.
  • Explore all options: To optimize your search for affordable housing, consider looking in less expensive neighborhoods where you might find homes at lower prices. Additionally, consider alternatives such as duplexes, apartments, or townhouses, which can offer more economical options compared to buying a single-family home. These types of properties can often be more accessible while still meeting your needs for space and comfort.
  • Take advantage of government programs: It is important to note that the Mauritian government has recently extended the “Home Ownership Scheme” and the “First Time Buyer” program by one year. These initiatives are designed to assist Mauritians in acquiring their own property. By offering tax exemptions and financial incentives such as cash back, these programs represent valuable tools for potential buyers and can be an opportunity not to be missed. Contact our agents to learn more about the programs in place and how they can be useful for your future purchase.
  • Talk to your banker: Discuss with your banker to understand your eligibility for a loan. A higher credit score can help you qualify for better mortgage rates and terms. With a stable income, work on improving your credit by paying off debts, making timely payments, and keeping your credit card balances low.
  • Save for a down payment: Although it can be difficult with an income below Rs 30,000, saving for a down payment is crucial. Look for ways to reduce expenses, increase income through side jobs or freelance work, and take advantage of matching savings programs if available.

Remember that each individual's financial situation is unique, so it is essential to assess your particular situation and explore all available resources to find the best path to homeownership with a limited income.

5. You claim a relational dimension inseparable from your way of approaching your business. Does working as a couple help with this?

From selection to service, our team's operational excellence is undeniable. We aim to guide our clients with a friendly and relaxed approach that embodies the Mauritian lifestyle. This is certainly the result of more than a decade of experience and a shared vision. We genuinely love what we do and excel at it.

My wife Juliana is German, and she brought all her "German standards" with her. We had no choice but to comply with her high standards! Jokes aside, despite our cultural differences, this has enriched our expertise and given us a common purpose, not only in our family life but also at the office. We are both very down-to-earth and passionate about our work, reflecting our many years of experience. This makes us trustworthy partners. Today, we form a complementary duo not only as parents but also professionally.

6. Would you say that your clients' loyalty is your greatest strength?

Absolutely! Our clients' loyalty is one of our greatest strengths. It reflects not only the quality of our service but also our commitment to maintaining authentic and trusting relationships. We believe our success is closely linked to our clients' satisfaction and loyalty, which drives us to always offer our best. Their loyalty is a constant source of motivation that encourages us to innovate and continually improve our offerings. We are eternally grateful to our loyal clients, without whom Future Bright Properties would not be what it is today.