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Property for sale in Mauritius for non-residents
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Tips For Finding Property For Sale In Mauritius For Non-Residents

Mauritius is a picturesque island country located in the Indian Ocean that attracts millions of tourists yearly. Its booming real estate industry has made it an ideal destination for non-residents looking to invest in a holiday home or rental property. Unfortunately, finding a property for sale in Mauritius can prove challenging for non-residents.

We offer you some valuable tips to implement immediately on finding the perfect property for sale in Mauritius for non-residents.

Use Online Property Portals

One of the easiest ways to find property for sale in Mauritius is through online property portals. These portals usually list several properties for sale, including villas, apartments, and land. You can easily filter your search by location, price, and property type to find the perfect property that meets your unique requirements.

Consult With A Local Real Estate Agent

Consulting with a local real estate agent like us is another reliable way of sourcing sale property options in Mauritius. We can provide valuable insights into the local property market, including the best areas to invest in and the current property prices. Additionally, we can assist with property viewings and negotiations with the seller. Choosing a reputable and experienced real estate agent ensures a smooth and hassle-free property transaction.

Attend Property Exhibitions And Fairs

Attending property exhibitions and fairs is another option, bringing property developers, real estate agents, and investors together. These events present the opportunity to view several properties and discuss investment opportunities with industry experts.

Join Property Investment Groups And Forums

Joining property investment groups and forums is a fantastic way of staying in the loop regarding available for-sale Mauritian properties. Groups and forums allow investors to connect with like-minded individuals and discuss possible investment opportunities. Additionally, members can share their experiences, provide recommendations, and offer valuable advice regarding investing in the local market.

Check Classified Ads

Local newspapers and online platforms provide assorted classified ads, presenting an opportunity to find properties that may not be listed on property portals or with real estate agents.

Finding a property for sale in Mauritius for non-residents can be straightforward with the help of expert guidance and advice. Utilising a reputable property agency like is a viable solution to ensuring you land the property of your dream! Get in touch with us to get started!