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Domaine d'Anbalaba

Domaine d'Anbalaba is a new lifestyle development in south-west Mauritius for foreign and Mauritian investors.
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The project

Domaine d'Anbalaba is a new lifestyle development in south-west Mauritius for foreign and Mauritian investors.
It offers for sale building plots, villas (5 already built and delivered to their owners, and 14 bioclimatic villas currently on the market) and apartments, which won two awards at the African Property Awards in Dubai in 2023 and Best Apartment Program for Africa in London in 2024.

The special feature of this development, apart from its location with exceptional ocean and mountain views, is that it is the only one in Mauritius to be integrated into a typical fishing village. The idea behind the project is to create a place for sharing, open to all, where all the amenities and infrastructures developed by the developer are shared with the residents of Baie du Cap (supermarket, convenience stores, restaurants and bars).
Domaine d'Anbalaba is socially committed through the fieldwork carried out by its foundation, as well as ecologically through the construction of bioclimatic villas and collaboration with architects who are experts in the preservation of flora and fauna.

The Promoter

Real Estate Development, Domaine Anbalaba

Founded in 2000 by Gilles Bouigue, Bouigue Développement has been active in the luxury and business real estate sector for over 23 years, deploying its expertise in project management, operations and site management.

Gilles Bouigue was joined over the years by his children, Alexandra, Cécilia and Hippolyte, who joined the family business, bringing their respective skills in international trade and management, overseas agronomy and financial management.
Passionate about Mauritius, the family acquired land in Baie du Cap in 2007, and later launched this ambitious program on a human scale.



In a natural setting overlooking the Morne Brabant mountain, the paradisiacal environment of southern Mauritius opens its doors to you. This enchanting, unspoilt residential setting offers you the Indian Ocean as far as the eye can see and the turquoise-blue lagoon from your garden or terrace.

The location is ideal for sports and nature lovers, with Domaine d'Anbalaba just a stone's throw from the Heritage Golf Club, numerous hiking trails and the island's best surfing and kite-surfing spots.
The program will soon include a luxury ecolodge with as little hard construction as possible. Domaine d'Anbalaba owners will enjoy privileged access to the restaurant, bar and spa.
The "Nomadic Anbalaba" ecolodge will offer 20 private cocoons. Each unoverlooked lodge will have a view over the turquoise lagoon. With its permaculture landscaping and green-roofed restaurant, it is fully in line with the Anbalaba philosophy.

The estate also boasts a one-hectare nursery that supplies its Station A restaurant and replants trees and plants removed for construction.
Residents can also take advantage of the sports complex, which includes a paddle and petanque court, a gym and a leisure area with table soccer, billiards and table tennis.

Bioclimatics Villas

The 14 Nomadic villas are set in a verdant setting along the mango alley and its rivulet. They offer breathtaking views of the lagoon, the ocean and the emblematic Morne Brabant.
There are two models: the Villa Guetali, with its architecture typical of 19th-century Mauritian estates, and the Villa Rivulet, with its avant-garde style.
Those amazing 210 and 216 m² villas are bioclimatically designed for a tropical environment. They are distinguished by anoriginal layout: the large living room, accessible from the entrance hall, is actually on the first level, optimizing light.
It opens onto a vast veranda,allowing to live outdoors all yearround and enjoy the magnificent unobstructed view of the lagoon and ocean. The two bedrooms on the garden level give direct access to the terrace and private pool. Each has its own bathroom.
The possible construction of an outbuilding will provide one or two additional bedrooms and a bathroom.
Thanks to a cross-ventilation system with two entrances, air circulation is doubled. This, together with the technical features of each model's roof, enables the temperature to be lowered by 2 to 3 degrees. This reduces the need for air-conditioning, and therefore energy consumption.

Roof features by villa:
GUETALI: Roof in sheet metal coated with thermal insulation
RIVULET: Accessible green roof for vegetable gardening

Each villa is equipped with solar panel water heaters and a mini water treatment plant. Grey water is recycled to irrigate the garden.


Our 180 m² apartments have 3 bedrooms and offer the ultimate in privacy. They offer the rare luxury of a magnificent panorama of the coral reef, with the ocean as far as the eye can see.
The spaciousness of the living areas is extended to the outdoors by attractive terraces and private green spaces on the garden level. Residents enjoy the peace and quiet of this intimate setting, as Les Vues d'Anbalaba has been designed to avoid overlooking.
A large 25 m swimming pool is shared by apartment dwellers only, to bring a sense of conviviality to the area.

Service Plots

Ranging in size from 2,000 to3,000 m², these serviced plots give the opportunity to design personalized villas with abuildable area of 500 to 600 m².

Offering the possibility of owning a property with a unique identity, these plots enjoy panoramic views over the lagoon and overlook the Domaine d’Anbalaba.


  • Ecolodge & Spa
  • Sports Complex
  • Restaurants, cafe et bars
  • Commercial Space and convenience stores
  • Offices and seminar space
  • Boat parking