Interviews | Interview of Caroline Raffray, Development and Marketing Manager

Interview - Caroline Raffray, Pointe d'Esny Le Village 1. Hello Caroline! What does your role as Development and Marketing Manager - Property Department at The Beau Vallon Group entail?

The role of the Development and Marketing Manager is to oversee projects from the initial feasibility studies, project planning and establishing the legal, regulatory and financial framework for commercialization. The positioning of the project, branding and communication around the project are also part of my responsibilities.

2. The Pointe d'Esny Le Village project was launched more than 5 years ago, but construction only started a year ago. Was this the initial plan?

The marketing of the PDS project at Pointe d'Esny Le Village actually began in 2018. Starting a large-scale development project like this is a real challenge. The international context (pandemic and lockdowns) and the grounding of the Wakashio have made this process a bit more difficult.

3. You are planning to complete the infrastructure works by July. Does this mean that all the common areas will be finalized by then?

The infrastructure works for phase 1 of the project, which includes the two residential developments "Terres de Soleil" and "Les sentiers du baobab," will indeed be completed by Transinvest in July. Pointe d'Esny Le Village covers 70 hectares, and the common areas will be delivered in phases depending on the delivery of the residential zones.

4. According to your estimates, the first residential units should be completed in early 2025. Will the Village be ready to welcome the first residents at that time?

Indeed, the first built properties, constructed under the VEFA (Sale in Future State of Completion) regime, will be delivered in early 2025.

5. Are all the building plots already sold? What about other types of properties?

The properties are being marketed in phases. Currently, apartments and our authentic villas are available for sale. We are pleased with the progress of sales since the beginning of this year.

6. The project is oriented towards both foreigners and Mauritians. Can you tell us how the sales are distributed so far?

For the building plots, they are mainly purchased by Mauritians as the plots were almost all sold out when the law was amended to allow foreigners to purchase a building plot in a PDS project.
Regarding our first apartments, we have a customer base that is 50% local and 50% foreign.

7. Some voices have criticized the project for being located in a fragile ecosystem and in a flood-prone zone. What can you respond to them?

The Pointe d'Esny Le Village project includes a protected area of 12 hectares, consolidated around natural ponds which will be restored and enhanced. Our restoration plan, which spans several years, began last year and endemic species adapted to the coastal climate have already been replanted there.
One of the ambitions of the wetlands restoration project in Pointe d'Esny is to create ecological corridors between the île aux Aigrettes, the Ramsar site of Pointe d'Esny, the wetlands, and the La Cambuse dune.

8. When do you expect Pointe d'Esny Le Village to be 100% operational?

The first residents will be living in Phase 1 of Pointe d'Esny Le Village in two years' time. Phase 1 covers 95 arpents and will be delivered progressively depending on the different residential areas and various common spaces such as a central square, a heart that will include local shops and the restoration of the park.

9. In the list of services offered, there is mention of a beach club. Can you please specify where it will be located and what types of services it will offer?

Residents of Pointe d’Esny Le Village will be able to enjoy an exclusive Beach Club giving them access to the Pointe d’Esny lagoon. The Beach Club is a boutique hotel named "Astroea Beach" that already belongs to our group and will be converted into a Beach Club. Members of the Beach Club will have access to the white sandy beach of Pointe d'Esny, a restaurant, and a selection of non-motorized water sports.